30 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work Fast (2024)

Earning enough money to live the life you want to lead can be a constant challenge and this can be even more difficult if you don’t have the right mindset. Negative thoughts about money can hold you back from taking that next step or even just temporarily forgetting what you’re trying to achieve. Money affirmations … Read more

Emma App Review: Best App for Budgeting & Money Management?

Emma App is a money management and budgeting app that allows you to collate all of your financial information into one place automatically. This includes transactions from your everyday spending through your bank accounts and credit cards, plus any money you set aside for your future in savings accounts and investments. The app was created … Read more

Setting Financial Goals – Know Your Why (2024 Guide)

What Are Financial Goals Financial goals are the personal financial targets and objectives for how much money you want to earn, spend and save for a particular purpose. Planning what you want ahead of time is an essential step so you align your actions towards your long term ambitions, including short term milestones to keep … Read more