Hi, I'm John!

I’m a Chartered Management Accountant (CGMA) from the UK and the finance guy behind AskYourFinanceGuy.com.

As you can imagine, I’m quite fond of finance and talk about it regularly with anyone and everyone.

Below I’ll explain exactly why I started this website.

The Mission

The aim and mission for this site is to become the No.1 personal finance resource that helps people enhance their financial knowledge. Having a good overview of common financial topics will help people ask the right questions so they can make more informed decisions with the ultimate goal of achieving financial freedom.

With thousands of personal finance websites across the internet, finding clear and concise guidance can prove extremely difficult.

Most sites opt for a more is more attitude when it comes to content. This has led to sites amassing thousands of pages, most of which are outdated and obsolete.

For readers, this presents a problem. How to wade through this quagmire of posts and pages to find information that is truly useful.

This is where AskYourFinanceGuy.com comes in.

With clear step by step guidance that is continually updated, this site will give you the knowledge you need to define your goals, create a plan and keep your motivation to stick to it for the long term.

Why Financial Freedom?

To most people, financial freedom seems like a myth only reserved for the lucky few.

I’m here to demystify this illusion, showing how it is possible for anyone, highlighting how small incremental steps are all that’s needed to make huge progress over time.

One of the biggest causes of stress across the planet is worrying about money, up there with divorce and the death of a loved one.

This needn’t be the case. With the right budgeting and investing techniques, coupled with minimal levels of disciple is all it takes to reach financial freedom.

Of course I appreciate financial freedom means different things to different people. Although to some, even having an extra few hundred pounds or dollars each month would make the world of difference to their life and happiness.

Being able to afford that holiday, buy the car you’ve always wanted or build up a safety net giving you the freedom to start a business. The choice is yours, although the key ingredient is having money so you are in control.

Want to Help?

I am a firm believer in perpetual continuous improvement. Therefore, as soon as information is no longer relevant, it either needs to be updated or removed.

As such, if you have any suggestions for improvements, whether that’s ideas for new content or improvements to existing content, all is welcome and appreciated.

To your Financial Freedom.

Kind regards,



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