Outfox the Market Review: Energy Rates Worth Switching For?

Outfox the Market Review

Outfox the Market is a fairly recent entrant into the energy market, although have seen quite dramatic growth due to their commitment to low prices and great customer service.

Founded in 2017, their aim was to disrupt the Big Six energy suppliers, often having the cheapest prices in the market and their strong commitment to provide green energy. However, keep reading to see if this supplier will be the cheapest for you, as they’re frequently launching new tariffs, offering cashback refer a friend incentive bonuses and more.

Customer Reviews & Expert Reviews

Outfox the Market came 19th out of 35 energy companies in the Which energy company satisfaction survey. They were rated very highly on offering low prices and on the clarity of their bills, however they fell behind on customer service when compared to other leading companies.

They currently have over 24,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.6. These reviews do show some quite interesting insights.

A lot of people are actually quite happy with their customer service which is good to see, with many people posting that they’re quick to resolve problems and have customer great communication.

However, there are quite a lot of people posting bad reviews. Many highlighting their tariffs were increased only a few months after they joined, not ideal when they’re main selling point is cheap prices.

Although 91% of it’s customers in the Which survey rated Outfox the Market as either good or excellent value for money, so definitely still worth considering, especially if you can lock in your price which a 12 months fixed tariff which will get into next.

Rates & Tariffs – Energy Prices

The most common at tariff at Outfox the Market is the Fix’d tariff which offers an electricity unit rate of £0.1477060 per kWh with standing charge of £0.2211355 per day and a gas unit rate of £0.0230085 per kWh with standing charge of £0.2738412 per day. With a medium level of usage, this equates to £73.76 per month, however this will vary depending on your energy consumption.

Choosing which tariff is best for you will depend on your current energy consumption. If you have high energy consumption, they offer rates with a higher standing charge and a cheaper per unit charge which should work on cheaper overall.

To find out, get a quote in less that 30 seconds on Outfox the Market here.

Exit Fees

The main Fix’d tariff offers no exit fees which is good to see and this is also the case for their One Green Flex tariff. Fixing your energy for 12 months will help avoid having any unexpected surprises with increasing prices which has been highlighted in the reviews.

If they do then increase your energy prices, with no exit fees, you’re then able to switch away penalty-free which should hopefully encourage them to keep their prices low to retain you as a customer.

Alternatives – Compare Suppliers

If you’re looking for alternative energy suppliers, make sure to read this post on the cheapest UK energy suppliers. I go into detail on how to find the cheapest rates in the market and what to look out for when choosing someone new.

How Easy is it to Switch?

Switching across to Outfox the Market is very easy, you just need to get a quote on their website which takes under 30 seconds and they take care of the rest.

Unfortunately they aren’t signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, which ensures suppliers complete the switch within 21 days. Although according to Citizen’s Advice, 99.3% of people complete their switch within this time frame, so it’s basically in line with this benchmark.

Do OutFox the Market Use Smart Meters?

Currently Outfox the Market do not use smart meters. If you already have one installed, you are still able to switch this supplier, however it will just revert to a standard meter where you need to submit your meter readings a few times per year.

Does Outfox the Market Provide Green Energy?

Yes, 100% of the electricity provided is generated through renewable green wind power. This is estimated to stop 1.1 tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere per customer, so definitely helping to support the environment.

Who Owns Outfox the Market?

Foxglove Energy Group own Outfox the Market, which was set up by serial entrepreneur Keith Bastian and is run from Frog Island which is close to Leicester city centre.

Warm Home Discount

Unfortunately Outfox the Market are not signed up with the Warm Home Discount, however, they do highlight their prices may still be more competitive than other providers even with this discount. So make sure to get a quote so you can add that into your comparison list.

Phone Number and Email Address

If you want to contact the company directly, the phone number is 0800 103 2702 and email address is kapow@outfoxthemarket.co.uk.

Outfox the Market App

The website states that an app is in the final stages of development and that it will be ready soon. Let’s hope this is true as an app would help complement their service as many reviews have highlighted their live support is excellent which would be perfectly aligned to an app.

Is Outfox The Market Going Bust?

A number of rumours have been circulating about the company going bust and facing hard financial trouble due to problems with their service and recent price hikes. However, the company has reassured everyone on social media that this isn’t the case and are working very hard to rectify any outstanding issues with their service.


Overall, Outfox the Market is definitely a supplier to consider, especially if you’re aiming to get the cheapest energy rates available. However, where they fall down is on their customer service and not being able to accept smart meters. Although on customer service, they are also reported to have a 10-second average response time on their live chat, so really this most likely isn’t an issue.

If these aren’t a major concern to you and you’re just wanting the cheapest rates, then get a quote in less than 30 seconds or read the post on the how to find the cheapest UK energy suppliers I linked to above.

If you want to get a quote, go to their website here and get a quote in less than 30 seconds.