Morning Brew Review: Unmissable Daily Newsletter in 2022

Morning brew is a free email newsletter that’s been gaining huge traction in recent years. After receiving it for quite a while I thought I’d write a review to encourage others to do the same.

Morning Brew Review

Being more informed than your colleagues and competitors about what’s happening in the world can help give you an advantage at work and in the marketplace. This can allow you to capitalise on new market trends and tactics, or even just be able to hold your own in a discussion on current affairs.

We’ve all only got a finite number of hours in the day, so being efficient with how you read the news helps save time. This is where Morning Brew comes in, with a brief 5-minute daily email that’s packed full of what you need to know.

What is Morning Brew?

Started as a way to help save time, Morning Brew aims to compile the most important business, sports and tech news into easy to digest and fun content sent directly to your email. It’s sent out 6 times a week, Monday to Saturday before 6 am EST and in my opinion is a must-have for those wanting to maximise their time.

My particular favourite part of the newsletter is their stock market snapshot, quickly showing the price fluctuations of some major indices including a brief section on market news.

  • S&P 500
  • Dow-Jones Industrial Average
  • Nasdaq
  • Price of oil
  • Price of gold
  • 10-Year Treasury Yield

After this section, they then go onto key topics such as the economy, politics, tech and international news. There’s then a short message from a sponsor to help fund the newsletter and keep it free. “What Else Is Brewing” is a section where they link to useful articles on popular news sites like Wall Street Journal and the BBC for additional reading if something sparks your interest. Then a final section for quizzes, recommendations and thoughts from the Morning Brew team.

How to Sign-up To Morning Brew

Signing up to Morning Brew is very simple, just click here, enter your email and subscribe. Once that’s done you can sit back and get sent all the key parts of the news straight to your inbox.

The team have also branched out into more industry-specific newsletters, so these could also give you more insight into your field for minimal effort.

Emerging Tech Brew

If you work or are interested in tech, then this could be right up your street. With news on AI, automation and any other important new innovations happening in the world, it’ll save you having to dig through thousands of articles to find the latest advancements in tech.

Retail Brew

Sent three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this newsletter focuses on all things retail from news, logistics and new products.

Marketing Brew

If you work of interesting in Marketing, this newsletter focuses on the latest stories shaping the marketing industry and advertising world. This includes insights from marketing leaders, strategies and the latest world news.

Business Casual Podcast

In September 2019 a podcast was launched that is run by Kinsey Grant. It has a focus on well-known entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban where they dive into their background and insights on various pressing topics. It’s over a year old so has a decent archive of great content with lots of actionable and thought-provoking content.

Light Roast

To help the newsletter grow, referral rewards are offered to encourage readers to spread the awareness of Morning Brew. The first rewards after 3 referrals, is access to their free premium Sunday newsletter.

This will round off the newsletter so you can get it 7 days a week, keeping you in the know. With this premium edition they cover the most interesting news of the week that they haven’t previously covered as well as their insights on the week ahead.

Email Archive – Past Morning Brews

For those interested in reading through the Morning Brew email archives, luckily the team have created an archive that’s easy to navigate through.

How Morning Brew Makes Money – Advertising

All emails contain a sponsored message to help pay for the newsletter and keep it free. These are usually from companies offering financial products like credit cards, insurance and also ones linked to health and fitness. They clearly highlight which message is from a sponsor which is useful and if it keeps the newsletter free and continuing to grow it’s worth it in my opinion.

How Much Does Morning Brew Make

Morning Brew has been on quite a dramatic growth streak in recent in years. In 2018, they made $3 million, which grew to $13 million in 2019 as it increased its number of subscribers by over 1 million and grew its staff by 23 people to 33. In 2020 they’re on track to make $20 million, not bad for a free newsletter, so let’s hope the content keeps getting better and better.


The company was founded by Alex Lieberman (CEO) and Austin Rief (COO) in 2015. They have recently been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and the company continues to rapidly grow.


Originally starting with just two people, the team has grown to over 30 people from graphic designers, writers, developers and sales. This growth continues as they reach new milestones, which means more people diligently monitoring the news in their areas of speciality, digesting everything on your behalf ready to turn it into your daily news update.

Referral Program & Rewards – Free Stuff!

What has helped supercharge their growth is referral rewards, giving their community access to cool branded stuff when they share the newsletter. Below I’ll list their referral rewards and how many people you need to refer to get it.

One thing that is quite strange is that certain items can only be shipped in the US. I’m hoping they change this soon, especially as they regularly report on logistics!

  • 3 – Access to free premium newsletter – Light Roast (Sunday Newsletter)
  • 5 – Stickers
  • 10 – Bottle-opener with keychain
  • 15 – Coffee Mug
  • 25 – T-Shirt
  • 50 – Set of 2 pint glasses
  • 100 – Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • 1000 – Trip to Brew HQ


If you don’t want to go down the referral path, you can buy the merchandise directly from their shop. With everything from t-shirts to stickers, I actually quite like their rise and grind mug, quite fitting whilst reading their newsletter.

Social Media – Twitter & Instagram

Morning Brew are particularly active on Twitter and Instagram, sharing both interesting and funny content based around their core topics of business, tech and world news.

How to Unsubscribe

In the unlikely event you no longer want to receive the newsletter any more, in every email at the bottom, there’s an unsubscribe link. Just click that and follow the instructions.

Conclusion / Recommendation

Overall, for a free newsletter that’s sent daily and is packed with useful insight, I think it’s a no brainer to sign-up. In this day and age, time is scarce and even more so if you’re an entrepreneur or trying to get ahead in work.

Instead of spending hours trawling through various news sites to be aware of what’s happening in the world, you can be sent a quick update, which is like having a team of personal analysts.

If this sounds appealing, sign-up here and put time back in your diary.

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To help further this cause, there are other topics on the site that may help, from how to negotiate a pay rise to investing in the stock market. Knowledge is power, put yourself in the driving seat.